Sunday, March 18, 2012

How will KONY 2012 finally end up?

I introduced KONY 2012 to some people, and then I got many different feedbacks from them.
In order to be fair, I want to share some critical comments in those feedbacks.
  • Uganda has complicated problems, and their government forces are corrupt in the first place. Things are not as easy as it looks.
  • KONY is only a small influence and attacking him might add fuel to the ongoing civil war. Is it really worth doing that?
  • It is not clear where the donated funds to this group go to.
  • KONY is not the true cause of the Ugandan tragedy, but poverty is. Even if he is captured, the problem of poverty would not be solved.
Every opinion has a point.

Actually, I am seeing these two people so many times on CNN while I am working on this blog. I agree that they are too simple and have no long-term plan. That is for sure.

But, they have done something applaudable. That is also for sure.

That was to inform all over the world “a small tragedy in a region,” to which nobody paid sufficient attention before.

In this case, the Internet successfully supplemented what was missing in the professional journalism.

However, the outcome of this movement may not be so great.
What really important is to prosper the country, to establish freedom inthe country, to let people know God’s forgiveness and to tellpeople to love all mankind surpassing religious conflicts. All of these can be found in the teachings of Happy Science.

Temporary movements cannot take responsibility for people.

But this kind of movements will be activated even more.

For instance, if people know more deeply about the Syrian massacre, more strongly they can’t stand the tragedy. Then, if some of those people try to make an action, more people may follow that action. In recent days, people join this kind of action via internet. Finally, that initial action may become one big movement.

This is what a revolution is supposed to be.

We, Happy Science, offer the fundamental thoughts that support revolutions for true freedom.
I believe that following along to these thoughts lead to the world peace.

For such a time as this “synchronized revolutions,” the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa are needed more than ever.

KONY 2012

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  1. Like Adam Carolla said, a country's success can be measured by how they treat their women. So that's the problem with Africa, you fix that then you fix their shit hole country.